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For leaders working to transform sprawling land use patterns, promote livable neighborhoods and working landscapes, this site provides resources to initiate and support that change. The two principal features of this site are the Land Use Resources and the Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program (LULA).

In the Land Use Resources section, you will find sample ordinances and commentary on how local communities promote smart growth over sprawl. In the LULA section, you can access techniques to help change the way local land use decisions are made.

Land Use Leadership Alliance


Over nine-hundred graduates representing public and private segments of the community in NY, NJ & CT.

Since 1995 the Land Use Leadership Alliance Training Program (LULA) has built capacity for change among land use leaders at the local level of government. The LULA motto of "creating communities one conversation at a time" shows how the program arms graduates with more than just relevant knowledge; most leave with a renewed sense of hope in their communities’ ability to deal with change... Read More

Land Use Resources

Featured Resource

Land Use Certification School - This is a great (and free) resource for local governments looking to train their boards in land use law. Funded by the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal, created by the Land Use Law Center, and administered by the New York Planning Federation.

The Gaining Ground Information Database offers a wealth of land use ordinances and resources and can help you learn what other communities have done with their land use authority.

LULC Podcasts

Land Use Law Center podcastsListen to audio content from past Land Use Law Center lectures and workshops.

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